Reliable modular solutions

In Adwatec applications the reliability is the key. This is also the criteria when designing the product. The design is robust and made for tough marine conditions. All is made with high quality materials and nothing has been saved when it comes to construction.

The modular structure of Adwatec’s products allows us to make complete cooling solutions for applications where there is a limited space available. The block construction in our design reduces the number of components used. This means less connection points – less risk for leaks.

Unique solutions and lifetime care

Our expansion tank design is unique in this market. Water and air are in the same tank, not separated like in the traditional designs. There is also an automatic bleeding feature which removes the air from the system. Thanks to these unique innovations we can offer the fastest commissioning in the market.

As a complete solution provider, we take full responsibility for our customers’ cooling for their entire life cycle. Our comprehensive service portfolio covers customer care from consultation to implementation and full maintenance.

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