Reference case L-series

Flexible alternating current transmission systems, FACTS, used to increase power transfer capability and improve controllability in a network, require extremely reliable cooling with high cooling power. Adwatec provides proven solutions for power grid applications designed according to the highest reliability and power requirements. The L series cooling stations’ typical cooling capacity ranges from 100 to 10 000 kW and coolant flow between 100 and 10 000 litres per minute. They are used all around the world in SVCs and STATCOMs, and with a complete duplicated control system, are also well suited for HVDC use.

For micro grid applications, we provide smaller systems, which can be built inside a container.


Tailor-made for every project

We tailor the power grid cooling solutions and their scopes individually for every project to meet your specific needs. By customizing our modular cooling stations, we are able to execute the projects promptly and proficiently. Our experts optimize the pumps, piping and cooler design, and draw from our extensive list of instrumentation and redundancy options to design a comprehensive solution that complies with the site requirements and hits the performance targets.

Close up of a pipe surface

Adwatec worket doing FAT testing to a device

Cooling you can trust

Using the correct materials and components and meticulous assembly by our experienced and skilled professionals enable a long lifespan for our solutions. Before shipping the stations to our customers’ sites, we test each of their functions. All tests are carried out in accordance with common industrial practice in order to demonstrate compliance with the specification. After delivery, we are available 24/7 for technical support.

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