We have worked with customers in the marine industry for years. We have designed our first cooling station models in close collaboration with them. Hence, we have taken the demands set by the tough conditions at high seas carefully into consideration already in our product development.

The marine applications we provide cooling solutions for include propulsion systems, thrusters, winches, and battery and energy storage systems. We provide solutions for both essential and non-essential use.


Compact, yet easy to service

In marine vessels, space is always limited. Our cooling units are compact: the C series cooling station footprint is only 600 x 600 mm with a 500 l/min flow. Compact size doesn’t mean difficult servicing, though. The modular construction of our cooling stations makes each component easy to see and reach. This in turn leads to shortest possible visual inspection and service time.

High quality components and the right materials chosen to avoid galvanic corrosion make Adwatec cooling stations reliable in use.

Designed according to classification requirements

Adwatec’s cooling stations have been certified by all major marine classification societies. Read more about our quality »

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