As a complete solution provider, we can take full responsibility for our customers’ cooling for their entire life cycle. Our comprehensive service portfolio covers customer care from consultation to implementation and full maintenance.

As travelling is banned or restricted, many things that we have considered normal changed to impossible. FAT in our manufacturing facility and Comissioning activites in customer’s premises are among these. During this year we have created two new tools to cure the situation: Adwatec FAT and Adwatec Remote Site Support Package.



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Remote FAT

Adwatec Remote FAT is a normal FAT but without visitors in our facility. Customer and certifying authority will be present remotely via live video connection.

Adwatec FAT includes:

  • Normal FAT in Adwatec facilities
  • Remote live connection to witness FAT
  • Partial physical participation to FAT possible: for example local certifying expert witness from Finland in Adwatec & customer remotely

Remote Site Support

Adwatec Remote Site Support Package is a remote commissioning and maintenance concept for cooling systems. Our technical experts are responsible for content, training and supervision of the commissioning and maintenance. Local staff in customers premises does the practical implementation with our expert guidance. In order to ensure the success a remote live connection is used with augmented reality enabled tools.

Adwatec Remote Site Support package includes:

  • Pre-work cooling systems introduction
  • Support documentation and instructions
  • Remote support by means of augmented reality with a world-class third party software solution

All are built for the specific site and project.

dascboard of cable connections

Pre-sales services

  • Engineering services
  • Cooling consultation and diagnosis

Mechanical design engineer in front of a computer screen

Close-up from a water coolig station

Delivery services

  • Installation
  • Commissioning and supervision

After sales services

  • Spare parts
  • Maintenance, contract-based
  • Field maintenance and emergency service
  • Repair and refurbishment
  • Retrofit

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