C-series is a highly flexible water cooling solution designed for demanding marine, OEM and industrial cooling applications. The series gives a new way to optimize your system with selectable heat exchangers, in-coming and out-going pipelines and communication and control options.

A modular product structure gives the possibility to have everything included in one unit or have a de-centralized solution with all key modules installed where most suitable for your application and space available.

Thanks to a development approach based on unmatched expertise, the latest simulation techniques, exhaustive testing both in the lab and out in the field, the result is a foundation of the highest quality and reliability available on the planet.

Key features


  • The modules are very small thanks to manifolds used instead of complex pipe arrangements. This reduces the number of components used and several operational functions can be combined in one.
  • The construction is marine robust and very reliable. Less components means less risky connections.
  • The expansion tank design enables the monitoring of both the amount of liquid and air in the system. As there are no rubber bags or bladders in use, the construction lasts practically forever.
  • The expansion tank and Adwatec’s de-aerating concept result in a very fast commissioning time—few hours instead of days.

Cargo ship near the shoreline



In marine cooling applications the reliability is something that shall never be compromised. Adwatec has delivered several hundred cooling units for vessels sailing waters from arctic cold to tropical heat.

The experience from this is transferred to this modular solution and the same reliability is now available for all vessels ranging from smallest to largest.


The cooling stations circulate coolant between power electronics and a heat exchanger. A three-way valve is used to ensure constant temperature and to avoid condensation in power electronics.




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