The B series cooling stations are closed loop water cooling solutions designed specifically for cooling down energy storage systems. They are easily integrated with the existing cooling circuit. The cooling stations are ready assembled in a compact subframe and can be used as an open frame cooling station or mounted into an electrical cabinet.


Energy storeges and solar cells with windmills in the background

M-series water cooling station

Key features

  • Cooling capacity up to 200 kW
  • Coolant flow up to 750 l/min
  • Easy to integrate with the battery cooling circuit
  • Minimum footprint needed – typical installation is inside a 600x600x2000 mm cabinet
  • Fast and easy commissioning (automatic de-aeration and visual coolant level indication)
  • Stainless steel industrial pumps and copper free materials in main coolant circulation ensure long and reliable operation
  • Use of hydraulic block technique minimizes the possibility
    of leaks

Introduction video to unique features of Adwatec’s B-series cooling station:

Typical delivery

The cooling station is delivered with an integrated chiller unit when the secondary cooling circuit temperature is too high for the battery cooling application. The cooling station is typically delivered with integrated water to water heat exchanger or with external water to air heat exchanger and controlled by PLC (with touch screen and Profinet connection).


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