In marine cooling applications the reliability is something that shall never be compromised.

Adwatec has delivered several hundred cooling units for vessels sailing waters from arctic cold to tropical heat. The experience from this is available for all vessels ranging from smallest to largest.

Vessel in ocean with storm waves

Diagram of realiability


The Manifold Structure

The design in Adwatec products is very robust and made for tough marine conditions. All is made with steel and nothing has been saved when it comes to construction. We have DNV certification for our standard products as a proof of that.

The block construction in our design reduces the number of components used. And this means less connection points – less risk for leaks.

Key Reliability factors

  • High quality components and supplier used!
  • Copper based material or carbon steels are not used: no galvanic corrosion!
  • Cooling liquid level monitoring  as an option. With this not a drop will be missed.


Pipes used in water cooling systems

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