5000 MW

Cooling of customers’ power electronics worldwide
Grid, industry and marine

60 countries

Deliveries worldwide

over 600 ships

use Adwatec cooling for propulsion drives

22 years

of Adwatec cooling station deliveries

See how we serve your business

Adwatec Ltd

Adwatec is a water technology company serving customers in Marine, Electrical Grid, Heavy Industry, and other sectors globally. With over two decades of experience in advanced water cooling for power electronics and a strong focus on R&D, we provide our customers proven, state-of-the-art solutions today and in the future.

Adwatec Ltd is part of Helkama Emotor Group that employs 400 professionals worldwide. The company is headquartered in Finland.

Picture with text "perfection from the big picture to the smallest details"

Two Adwatec workers at customer's site in a mining field

Committed to your success

Our customers trust us to deliver high-quality cooling solutions quickly and problem-free. We work hard each day to live up to that trust. Our commitment is what sets us apart. What we promise, we keep.

We know cooling

Having worked in water technology for almost twenty years, we can honestly say we know our business. Our solutions are well-proven in use – we have successfully delivered thousands of water cooling stations around the world for customers working in various industries.

Today, we are specialised solely in cooling. It means our skilled professionals can focus on designing and innovating the most efficient, reliable and technically advanced water cooling solutions in the market.

Adwatec worker doing assembly for a water cooling station

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