Join Adwatec at Upcoming Exhibitions!


Discover the forefront of power electronics cooling solutions with Adwatec! We’re excited to announce our participation in two prestigious exhibitions:

Improvements to business with new premises


Adwatec has moved to new premises in Tampre. With new, modern premises, we ensure that we can meet the growing

Automaatiosuunnittelijan paikka avoinna!


Adwatec Oy on vahvasti kasvava tehoelektroniikan vesijäähdytysasemia ja -järjestelmiä kehittävä ja valmistava yritys. Olemme toimineet jo vuodesta 2000 saakka ja

A drop of water falling on the surface of the water

Interview: Adwatec and advantages of water cooling


How is it that Adwatec Oy is changing the minds of shipowners and ship operators regarding water cooling systems? “Today,

Welcom to meet us summer exhibitions banner

Experience the summer exhibitions with Adwatec! 


Summer is here with an exciting lineup of exhibitions. Come and see Adwatec’s latest innovations in power electronics water cooling

Propeller and rudder of big ship underway view from underwater. Close up image detail of ship.

Adwatec is looking for commercial agents!


Adwatec is looking for commercial agents to promote and sell water cooling systems for marine sector in Germany, Spain, United

Adwatec logo

Adwatec Oy kasvaa vastaamaan asiakkaiden kysyntään


Suomalainen, vahvassa kasvussa oleva Adwatec tekee vesijäähdytysjärjestelmiä tehoelektroniikan sovelluksiin, erityisesti meriteollisuudelle ja sähköverkkosektorille. Yrityksen tuotteista valtaosa viedään kansainvälisille markkinoille. Jäähdytysjärjestelmien

Illustration picture of chistmas decorations

Season’s greetings 2023


Adwatec would like to thank all customers, suppliers and partners for a magnificent year 2023! And what a year it

Adwatec L-series water cooling station placed in STATCOM power station

Solutions to the growing FACTS markets


Adwatec has had ISO9001 Quality management system certification since 2016. This certification has helped us tremendously in achieving our high

Web banner welcoming people to Adwatec stand in Europort

Adwatec participates Europort 2023 7-10 Nov in Rotterdam!


Europort is one of the leading maritime exhibitions in the world with focus on sustainable energy transition and digitalization. This

Wave pictured beneath water

Adwatec has received ISO14001 & ISO45001 certificates


Adwatec has had ISO9001 Quality management system certification since 2016. This certification has helped us tremendously in achieving our high

Teemu Alajoki in the assembly hall wit Adwatec water cooling stations

Adwatec kasvaa sähköistyvän maailman myötä


Kangasalla toimiva vesijäähdytyslaitteiden asiantuntija Adwatec Oy etsii kovan luokan osaajia etenkin myyntiin ja suunnitteluun tukemaan huimaa kasvuaan ja kansainvälistymistään. Nimi

Banner welcoming people to Adwatec stand in Alihankinta 2023 event

Tule tapaamaan meitä alihankintamessuille!


Adwatec osallistuu jälleen tänä vuonna Alihankintamessuille. Messut järjestetään Tampereen Messu- ja Urheilukeskuksessa 26.-28.9.2023 . Messuilta etsimme etenkin uusia komponenttitoimittajia sekä

illustrative drawing of adwatec's new premises

New, environmentally certified premises for Adwatec


New premises under construction for Adwatec Oy in Tampere Vehmainen! With new, modern premises, we ensure that we can meet

Space saving liquid cooling solutions for power electronics and batteries


Adwatec provides various solutions for space saving in liquid cooling  for power electronics. We held a presentation about this topic

Wlcome to Nor-Shipping sign

Greetings from Norway!


Nor-Shipping marine exhibition opened in Oslo in 6.6.2023. The exhibition, housing around 1,000 of the leading companies within the maritime

Logos of Nor-Shipping and E&H hybrid marine exhibitions

Meet us at Nor-Shipping and E&H Hybrid Marine Europe!


Summer is coming and so are the summer exhibitions! Adwatec is participating Nor-Shipping 2023 Exhibition 6.-9.6.2023 in Oslo and Electric

Adwatec managing director Heikki Mustonen and Product manager Panu Kytölä

Maailmanluokan jäähdytyslaitteita Kangasalta


Adwatec Oy on voimakkaasti kasvava tehoelektroniikan vesijäähdytysasemia ja -järjestelmiä kehittävä ja valmistava yritys. Yritys on toiminut vuodesta 2000 ja keskittynyt

3D model of a ship with Adwatec water cooling devices pointed

Comprehensive water cooling solutions for maritime


Adwatec provides comprehensive water cooling solutions for various marine drives applications. Our offering covers water cooling for propulsion systems, thrusters,

Christmas greeting

Season’s greetings 2022


We would like to thank all our customers, suppliers and partners for a great year of 2022! Electrification projects boomed

Colose-up of Adwatec water cooling station pipes

Water cooling system needs connection pipes as well – Adwatec makes this easy


Water cooling systems need to be connected to heat loads and technical cooling water circuits. Adwatec is now introducing standard

Illustration photo: a globe inside a light bulb

Save energy with Adwatec cooling solutions!


In a normal water cooling system the cooling water flow is stable and the cooling water temperature is controlled with

Adwatec L-series water cooling station placed in STATCOM power station

New Data Sheet for L Series Water Cooling Stations


We’re excited to introduce our new brochure of L series water cooling stations! L-series cooling stations are widely used for

A ship under constrution in Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard

On a visit to Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard


In the beginning of October Adwatec had the priviledge of visiting Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard in Saint-Nazaire with Business Finland

Banner with an electicity mast welcoming people to Adwatec stand in Alihaninta Expo

Adwatec Alihankintamessuilla


Adwatec osallistuu 27. -29.9.2022 Alihankintamessuille Tampereen Messu- ja Urheilukeskuksessa. Alihankintamessuilta etsimme uusia komponenttitoimittajia sekä metalli- että sähkökomponenttien osalta. Haemme myös

Banner with a cargo ship sailing in the sea welcoming people to Adwatec stand in SMM Expo Hamburg

Adwatec – with you in SMM 2022


We in Adwatec design and manufacture water cooling systems for demanding power electronics and battery applications. Our solutions are compact,

Wave pictured beneath water

Edessä hyviä aaltoja


Adwatecin vesijäähdytyslaitteita käytetään tällä hetkellä noin 50 maassa ja kaikilla maailman merillä. Eniten laitteita käytetään laivasovelluksissa, esim. propulsio- eli potkurikäytöissä

Banner promoting Adwatec's participation in E&H exhibition

Meet us at Electric & Hybrid Expo Europe!


Adwatec is participating Electric and Hybrid Marine Expo Europe, the international Exhibition of Electric and Hybrid Marine Charging and Propulsion

Evening view of the ship in the harbor

Electric & Hybrid magazine article: Shore power cooling


Shore power cooling article published in Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International Magazine in April 2022.     Shore power

Overview of Nor Shipping exhibition hall

Meeting people is cool!


Nor-Shipping Maritime exhibition is currently taking place in Oslo. The exhibition has had a very high relevance to Adwatec. We

Wlcome to Nor-Shipping sign

Greetigs from Nor-Shipping!


After almost three years of waiting, it’s finally time for Nor-Shipping again. Nor-Shipping is the biggest maritime exhibition in Nordics.

Rotating ship propeller pictured below water

Adwatec in Nor-Shipping!


Adwatec is participating Nor-Shipping 2022 Ocean Leadership Conference in Oslo from 4 th to the 7th of April 2022. Nor-Shipping

Customized cooling unit with table top

Tailored delivery to demanding test lab application


We in Adwatec are well known for our water-cooling products serving various frequency drive and converter applications. However, we also

Cruiser ship in harbor

Shore supply for greener environment


Wind of change is blowing in the ports of Europe due to a new legislation. The European Union has passed

Adwatec workes by the bonfire

Season’s greetings 2021


We would like to thank all our customers, suppliers and partners for a great year of 2021! We have had

People working with laptops and mobile phones by the table

Adwatec Oy is adding power in the sales organization


Raimo Naskali and Samuli Ilmonen have been appointed as Sales Managers in Adwatec. They will start in their new positions

Banner promoting Nor-Shipping

Meet us at Nor-Shipping 2022!


Adwatec is participating Nor-Shipping 2022 Ocean Leadership Conference in Oslo from 10-13 January 2022. Nor-Shipping is a meeting place for

A view from airplane's window, airplanes' wing and clouds

Adwatec team travelling again


Adwatec was on the road again in October after a long covid break. Our R&D Engineer Veikko Verronen visited Brazil

Propeller and rudder of big ship pictured underwater

Revolutionary water cooling selection configurator available – NOW


Too often we receive quotation requests for projects which are almost ready – just the cooling system piece is missing.

E&H exhibition banner

Adwatec in Electric and Hybrid Marine World Virtual ‘LIVE’ Conference 13 – 15 sept 2021


Adwatec is participating Electric and Hybrid Marine World Virtual ‘LIVE’ Conference 2021! The conference takes place on September 13, 14,

Cargo ship sailing in the ocean

Welcome to the team, TechMarin Solutions AS!


It is our great pleasure to announce that TechMarin Solutions AS is Adwatec´s new representative in Norway! TechMarin Solutions AS

Fireworks in the sky

Adwatec celebrates the device no. 1000!


Adwatec has reached the 1000th cooling unit milestone! The device no 1000 was a water cooling unit model CCE204R. It

Propeller and rudder of big ship pictured underwater

New improved water cooling configurator launched


Designing your water cooling solution just got easier! Adwatec water cooling solution configurator has been improved based on your feedback.

Wave pictured beneath water

Pure water/de-ionized water cooling systems for drives, rectifiers and converters!


Traditionally de-ionized water cooling systems have been used in power grids SVC/STATCOM/HVDC cooling applications. Typically, these systems are large and

Close up of a cargo vessel dec with containers on it

Electric and Hybrid Magazine article: Reliable cooling


Cooling solution article published in Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International Magazine in April 2021. Click the image for magazine

C-series water cooling station

New product release: CCE204R_ with up to 580 l/min coolant flow now available


Adwatec cooling unit range has been updated with a new model: CCE204R. With this a hole in the offering between

A cargo ship sailing at sea as seen from above

New compact cooling concept for smaller vessels


Workboats, yachts and riverboats are getting increasingly electrified with variable frequency drives and battery systems. Unlike cruise ships and big

Ship's bow, moving through the waves to her destination. View from forecastle deck.

New datasheet for B-series chiller cooling stations


A new Adwatec B-series cooling stations datasheet has been published. The datasheet includes product benefits, product range, technical details and

Container cooler for shore power supply

Container cooling solution


For shore connection, shore supply, charging solutions and ESS energy storage   Adwatec container cooling solution is a turnkey water-cooling

A cruiser and smaller vesser sailing side by side at the sea

Adwatec in SMM DIGITAL 2 – 5 feb 2021


The exhibition season 2021 has started! We from Adwatec Oy are presenting our latest innovations in Open Stream’s Speakers’ Corner!

CCE56 water cooling station

Che bella macchina! – with Sea water resistant Ti-HX


Our legendary reliability is based on using standardized cooling modules in our designs. Your special application is our standard solution!

A fozen branch wit blue backgound

Season’s greetings 2020


Dear friends, 2020 has been an interesting journey indeed. We wish in 2021 things will cool down and we can

Wave pictured beneath water

New compact product launched


Super yachts and work boats don’t have a lot in common. However, both vessel types could survive with less space

Stern waves of a quick boat

Time is money…or is it?


For some people time is money. For them Adwatec cooling products might be the right solution. When a water cooling

Meeting room Marine logo

Remote meeting with Adwatec sales: book your slot now!


Travelling and face-to-face meetings are hard to justify right now. However, the need for meetings has not disappeared. In Adwatec

Closeup image of male hand holding smartphone

We are looking for new agents in Europe, MEA and Asia!


Are you already an agent or rep for power electronics products, liquid cooled drives, power converters, rectifiers, propulsion systems or

Close up from water cooling station

Adwatec Remote FAT and Remote Site Support


Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. As travelling is banned or restricted, many things that we have considered normal changed to

B-range battery cooling station

B-range Battery Cooling Station – for batteries/ESS and when cold raw water is now available


Adwatec B-range Battery Cooling Station Adwatec is famous for heavy duty water cooling systems. Now the heat management is reaching

M-series cooling station

Adwatec M-range: The best kept secret in liquid cooling business!


The best things come in small packages Our M-range is compact and the design is cool. The M-range goes all

A cargo ship sailing in the sea, DNV_GL label attached

DNV GL type approval for Adwatec C-series liquid cooling station


Adwatec has been awarded a DNV GL type approval certificate for its C-series liquid cooling station. Type approved C-series liquid

Two designers by computer screens

The first ever water cooling solution configurator launched


Designing your water cooling solution has never been this easy. Adwatec water cooling solution configurator is the first online application

Wave pictured beneath water

Update on Covid-19


15.4.2020 Dear Business Partner, Covid-19 pandemic is impacting everyday life around us. Our priority is the health and wellbeing of

A cruiser sailing in winter in front of mountains

New Datasheet for Adwatec Heavy Duty Series water cooling stations


A new Heavy duty water cooling station datasheet has been published. This datasheet introduces our water cooling products and their

World and sun realistic 3D rendering. Shiny sunlight over Planet

Exhibitions 2020 & 2021 – Updated


Welcome to visit us 2020 in Hamburg and 2021 in Munich, Amsterdam, Hannover and Hamburg! SMM Hamburg, 8-11 September, 2020:

A ship sailing in the fjord landscape

We are looking for Sales Manager


Would you like to work in a company whose business is supported by global megatrends such as electrification, clean-tech and

A cruiser and smaller vesser sailing side by side at the sea

Prospects for the marine industry


At the beginning of September, marine industry professionals gathered in Bergen, Norway for Maritime Hybrid & Electric Conference to hear

Picture wit hext "Perfection from the big picture to the smallest details"

Adwatec Oy becomes part of Helkama Emotor group


Adwatec Oy has become a subsidiary of Helkama Emotor Oy on January 4, 2019, due to Helkama increasing its holding

Red flowers

Adwatec at Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo


Adwatec will be presenting water cooling solutions for the marine industry in Amsterdam next week, when the world’s only exhibition

Heikki Mustonen

Heikki Mustonen appointed new Managing Director of Adwatec


Heikki Mustonen (M.Sc. (El.Eng.), eMBA) has been appointed Managing Director. He took up his new post in June. Mustonen has extensive

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