Picture of a cruise ship sailing in the sea

Cooling systems for large Cruise Ship applications

Ship's bow, moving through the waves to her destination. View from forecastle deck.

Water cooling for Marine ESS

A view from steel factory

Cooling units in STATCOM applications

Molten steel is poured into molds

Water cooling in industrial power grid

High-voltage tower with sky background

Large liquid cooling system deliveries for more than a decade!

Two assemblers with helmets, one sitting in front of computer screen, the other one standing and making notes

Adwatec Remote FAT and Commissioning

Huge mining machine pictured from below

Water cooling for the largest earth moving machine

Power grid hacks

SVC application in transmission network

A modern train pictured in the railway yard

Cooling system for large STATCOM application

Color Hybrid vessel sailing in fjord

Water cooling for world’s largest plug-in hybrid vessel

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