The C series water cooling stations are efficient solutions for cooling power electronics in a closed-loop water cooling system. The C series stations can be delivered as open frame solutions or installed into a standard cabinet.

The stations’ advanced, space-saving design and the materials used in their construction make them extremely reliable in use. They are easily integrated with cooling circuits and accessible for maintenance due to movable cooling module.

Modular design and various options regarding heat exchanger, control system and pumps ensure the right solution with suitable cooling power and flow rate.

Adwatec has a DNV type approval certificate for C-series liquid cooling stations.


C-series water cooling station

Key features

  • Cooling capacity up to 300 kW
  • Coolant flow up to 750 l/min
  • Minimum footprint required – typical installation is inside a 600 x 600 mm cabinet
  • Automatic de-aeration
  • Easy to integrate with the cooling circuit
  • Fast and easy commissioning (automatic de-aeration and visual coolant level indication)
  • Stainless steel industrial pumps and carefully selected materials ensure a long and reliable operation
  • Product selection with Configurator



Introduction video to unique features of Adwatec’s C-series cooling station:


The commissioning of a water cooling station:



The cooling stations circulate coolant between power electronics and a heat exchanger. A three-way valve is used to ensure constant temperature and to avoid condensation in power electronics.


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