We know the power of cooling. With the right cooling, the use of power electronics can be optimized
to boost energy-efficiency. At Adwatec, we are specialised in providing comprehensive water cooling
solutions from design to implementation and full service.

Our experience and technical expertise allow us to cool down even the most demanding applications.
Our will to see our customers succeed drives us to find the best solution for each of them. Our own
high standards make sure we only deliver top-quality products you can truly depend on.

We can take care of your cooling, so you can keep it cool.

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Haemme työnjohtaja- tuotantosuunnittelijaa


Tule mukaan joukkoomme johtamaan ja kehittämään tuotannon toimintaamme. Pääset mukaan sähköistyvän maailman kasvutrendiin, joka mahdollistaa vihreämmän tulevaisuuden. Adwatec Oy on

Season’s greetings 2022


We would like to thank all our customers, suppliers and partners for a great year of 2022! Electrification projects boomed

Water cooling system needs connection pipes as well – Adwatec makes this easy


Water cooling systems need to be connected to heat loads and technical cooling water circuits. Adwatec is now introducing standard


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Adwatec water cooling stations have the fastest commissioning in the market. All Adwatec C-series cooling stations operate under the same fundamental principles and they are easy to install and commission. Watch from the video below step by step how the commissioning is done.

More detailed information about cooling station installation, operation and maintenance can be found on our written manuals.

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Adwatec has the widest selection of standard connection pipes on the market. The pipes are made to fit Adwatec cooling units, tested in real applications and proven to work. Pipes are also available in stock or delivered with a short delivery time. And most importantly, we have made it very easy to choose the right pipes. Watch the video below for more information!

Link to all Wecbcast series episodes in bio!

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We would like to thank all our customers, suppliers and partners for a great year of 2022!

Electrification projects boomed in all our customer segments and this kept us busy this year. And the same will continue in 2023! With our great suppliers and skilled own staff we managed to respond to demand and delivered more in 2022 than ever before. The machine is well oiled (watered) for 2023!

Let’s keep it cool in 2023!

Season’s greetings to all !

Adwatec team

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Adwatec serves customers in Marine, Electrical Grid, Heavy Industry and other sectors globally.

The advanced water cooling systems are customizable and designed to offer reliable continuous cooling at a wide range of ambient temperatures.

Adwatec's service portfolio covers customer care from consultation to implementation and full maintenance - read more about our products and services from our website! Link in bio.

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Meet Adwatec people!

Today we are presenting Operations Manager Panu Kytölä. Panu is responsible for production, purchases and overall development.

Panu's leisure activities include jogging, gym, downhill skiing, cross country skiing and frisbeegolf. Panu also likes to go to see gigs and theatre plays and spend time at his cottage. Culinary delights and wine are also favorite things.

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Alihankintamessujen viimeinen päivä käynnissä. Standi D19 palvelee klo 16 saakka, tervetuloa!

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Meet Adwatec people!

Today we are presenting Design Engineer Andres Klesman. Andres designs and develops water cooling stations in cooperation with other designers and production personnel. 3D modelling and visualization belongs to his expertise.

In his free time Andres likes to spend time outdoors with his family, e.g. by cycling and hiking.

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Meet Adwatec people!

Today we are presenting two gentlemen who in the office sit far from each other, but still have brilliant cooperation both at work and in the photo shooting.

On the left we have Senior Automation Engineer Ilkka Pohjalainen. Ilkka is responsible for automation systems, automation system development, PLC-programming and operator interfaces. He also works as marketing technical support and participates in product development.

In his free time, Ilkka’s hobbies are theater and music.

On the right we have Sales and Marketing Director Ismo Lehtonen who is the leader of Adwatec sales team. 

In his free time, Ismo spends time with his family and dog and does outdoor activities.

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Last week we went to meet our fellow species at Museum Center Vapriikki's exhibition 😊.

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Good weather requires a meeting in an outdoor cafe!

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New units ready to go!

This summer we have made record high cooling stations delivery from our factory.

We will keep it cool in the fall as well!

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Team Adwatec is ready for action at Electric and Hybrid Marine Expo Europe in Amsterdam. Come and visit us if you are on site!

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