Adwatec has had ISO9001 Quality management system certification since 2016. This certification has helped us tremendously in achieving our high quality targets. This year Adwatec has received two new certifications: ISO14001 for Environmental management system and ISO45001 for Occupational health and safety. With these two new additions we will ensure that we can fulfill the expectations that our global partners and all our stakeholders have for long term quality, health & safety and sustainability.


Renewable solutions to the markets

Adwatec L series cooling stationThe new certificates are especially important in the Flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) applications for which Adwatec has delivered over 200 cooling systems. Adwatec cooling systems are used for cooling for example in railway electrification systems and in steel production to maintain the power quality of the electric arc furnaces and increase the productivity of the process.

The amount of FACTS cooling systems is rapidly increasing. Even the most cautious market analysis predicts that the market will grow 50% by the decade’s end. The main driver is renewable energy generation and transmission. Wind and solar power cause the need to invest in developing more robust power grids, accelerating the needs of STATCOMs.

The renewable energy solutions have been under discussions when Adwatec cooling systems have been delivered to provide cooling for Statcoms in windfarms, solar plants and green hydrogen applications.

Currently Adwatec new FACTS project cooling systems are being delivered from Far to Middle East, Europe and all the way from South to North America.


New brochure available

In order to serve customers better, Adwatec has launched a new brochure for L-series cooling systems used in FACTS applications. Standard portfolio for cooling units provides benefits for customers in terms of specifying cooling systems for different size project.


Download the brochure


In Adwatec L-series cooling units and FACTS cooling system deliveries are tailored for each application and project requirements. Also test requirements according to IEC 63259 are being implemented.


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