Adwatec has provided water cooling for power electronics in FACTS systems for more than a decade.

Increasing number of world class manufacturers of the FACTS systems have chosen Adwatec as their strategic partner when it comes to the cooling systems of the power electronics. The number of Adwatec delivered systems during past decade for the FACTS applications is reaching 200 systems milestone and and the prospects for the future are bright.

The abbreviation FACTS comes from Flexible AC Transmission System and these systems are installed to power grids to improve the quality of the electricity and the stability of the electrical systems. Due to their critical function as a crucial part of the electrical infrastructure the requirements set for the cooling systems are at high level.

In the FACTS applications the typical flows are from few hundred liters per minute to several thousand liters and often the losses are in the same kilowatt category. The cooling systems are designed to meet the high-level redundancy and reliability requirements as requested for each case. Additionally, cooling systems can be provided with de-ionized water treatment system, outdoor water-to-air heat exchangers, power electronics cooling piping and turnkey delivery with site supervision and commissioning services based on the project and customer needs.

In case of designing or manufacturing power electronic systems either with air cooled or liquid cooled power electronics and looking for advice or alternatives to current solutions feel free to contact Adwatec professionals for more information.




Adwatec L series cooling station

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