Adwatec’s expansion tank decreases commissioning time:

  • After filling the system the remaining air must be blead out carefully to exceed full cooling capacity.
  • In traditional bladder tank system the de-airing may take days and the remaining air in the system may cause trouble even longer! The tank operating principle makes it simple and fast to de-air the system.
  • With open expansion tank it is possible to collect the remaining air. While keeping the pump running small part of the coolant flow is lead to the tank where small air bubbles have enough time to separate from the coolant. This is very effective method to get the system de-aered.
  • Practically it takes only one or few hours to get the system de-aered instead of several days!

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Schematic diagram of Adwatec expansion tank

Schematic photo showcasing the difference of Adwatec and other manufacturer's expansion tanks

Adwatec’s expansion tank increases lifetime:

  • Tank without bladder lasts longer.
  • There is no bladder = no risk for breaking the bladder!


Lifetime 25 years text in a blue background

Adwatec’s expansion tank increases reliability:

  • Coolant level monitoring as standard.
  • Any system leaks can be detected at early stage.


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shematic diagram of the side glass function in Adwatec solutions

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