In a normal water cooling system the cooling water flow is stable and the cooling water temperature is controlled with a three-way valve. However, there may be situations when the flow in the cooling system is higher than actually is needed for the cooling (an example: a vessel in battery-mode). If the flow rate is reduced, the energy consumption is reduced as well and thus generate savings. The flow reduction can be done by reducing the pump speed.

  • This energy saving mode is called “ECO-mode” and it is set active by request. Pumps run in lower speed and with lower coolant flow rate. Lower alarm limits for lower pressure and lower flow will be selected.
  • If coolant temperature rises over a pre-set limit when ECO mode is active, it can be set off by cooling control system to “Normal mode”.
  • This all is controlled via fieldbus communication between Customer’s control system and Adwatec control system.

Energy saving feature is available for all Adwatec cooling units. For more information, please, contact Adwatec sales!

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