We’re excited to introduce our new brochure of L series water cooling stations! L-series cooling stations are widely used for Static Var Compensator (SVC), STATCOM, HVDC and other power electronics applications, where medium and high voltages are used.

This brand new brochure gives you a great insight into the FACTS markets and into the technical features of dedicated water cooling stations.

Adwatec has a long track record from FACTS markets and we are able to provide you all typical cooling station features as a standard options. These cooling stations are pure water solutions equipped with de-ionizing by-pass circuit. Also the heat exchanger type can be selected according to the project specific needs (water-to-air / water-to-water / water-to sea water).

With further questions, comments and requests, please contact our sales for support!


Adwatec L-series cooling station placed in STATCOM power station


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