Adwatec was on the road again in October after a long covid break. Our R&D Engineer Veikko Verronen visited Brazil and participated in a customer commissioning project.

Adwatec's engineer Veikko Verronen in customer site

“It was great to be able to participate customers project on the premises after meeting our customers only online for a long time. Brazil was a very nice change to Finland’s cold and dark fall. All the people were nice and very helpful. I’m looking forward to visiting Brazil again and to learn more about their fruitful culture”, says Veikko.

Adwatec provides maintenance and commissioning services remotely and locally and is always eager to help the customer to fulfill their needs. Remotely provided service can be done with online training, step by step instruction documentation and with Adwatec customer services counseling.

Locally provided services are done by Adwatec field specialists.

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