For some people time is money. For them Adwatec cooling products might be the right solution.

When a water cooling system is commissioned, there is a need to bleed the system – to get rid of the air in the cooling system. Traditionally this process takes hours or even days and in the end it can’t be 100% confirmed that all air is removed. In Adwatec system there is an automatic bleeding feature which removes the air from the system. Thanks to unique Adwatec innovations. The process takes about an hour. One hour. That’s all.

Picture presenting the commisiioning time of Adwatec water cooling stations

We have tested different kinds of systems in our lab and the conclusion in the tests has always been the same: Adwatec system de-airing takes only 8% of the time that a traditional cooling system with bladder tank design does. One hour instead twelve hours.

Water cooling system may be a small piece in a larger project. With big impact.

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