Wind of change is blowing in the ports of Europe due to a new legislation. The European Union has passed legislation that will make it a legal requirement for ports to have shore-power available by 2025. This means that the ships have to run on shore power instead of ship’s power every time they dock.

Adwatec container sooler for shore powerThis is a major step for the industry: by the new legislation emissions are cut tremendously, noise is reduced, and shipping companies save fuel costs. It also provides certainty: ships can sail anywhere in the EU knowing they will have a green port and marine shore power waiting in every port inside the EU. Adwatec is also participating in this reform.


Adwatec shore supply solutions


The electrical shore supply solution typically includes powerful converters. These converters are either air or water cooled. With high power needs water cooling is dominantly used for space and cost reasons.

Adwatec’s contribution for electrification and sustainability in ports is a shore supply water cooling solution. As usual with Adwatec’s offering also this solution is flexible: the delivery may be a turnkey solution including the water-cooling pump station with automation and control unit, a fresh water/sea water heat exchanger or an external air-cooled heat exchangers and all piping. Or the delivery may be just part of the turnkey solution, for example the water-cooling pump station only. The desired content is for customer to decide.

L series cooling station


In line with Adwatec’s marine application experience also the shore supply cooling units are field tested, robust and reliable. All components that are used fulfill requirements of a salty environment. The solutions are made of standardized modules.

Adwatec provides comprehensive turnkey water-cooling solution for integrators of shore connection, shore supply, charging solutions, ESS energy storage and LV & MV drives applications.


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