Traditionally de-ionized water cooling systems have been used in power grids SVC/STATCOM/HVDC cooling applications. Typically, these systems are large and in Adwatec we call them L-range.

But did you know that … Adwatec manufactures pure water/ de-ionized water cooling systems for smaller cooling power needs as well!

L series water cooling stationOur experience with de-ionizing systems goes back to year 2008. Our modular product construction enables the addition of the de-ionizing module next to standard C-range cooling unit. Thus, our cooling solution is standardized, compact and Adwatec-rugged as we are known for!

Pure water/ de-ionized water can be used as a cooling medium in systems with live electrical parts. The de-ionized water has a very low conductivity.

A more detailed description can be found in the technical document.

For more information, please, contact Adwatec sales director Ismo Lehtonen!

Ismo Lehtonen
Sales and Marketing Director