CCE204R Cooling unitAdwatec cooling unit range has been updated with a new model: CCE204R. With this a hole in the offering between CCE153R (max 470 l/min) and CCE322R (max 800 l/min) has been filled in. Until now the only option for higher coolant flows has been to use the unit CCE322R. The physical dimensions of the new CCE204R are the same as for the big brother, but the total weight of the cooling unit has been reduced to around 600 kg instead of 690 kg.


Unique Adwatec features

The new product CCE204R has the unique Adwatec features that Adwatec is known for:

  • The product is very small. This is achieved by using manifolds instead of complex pipe arrangements. The manifold construction reduces the number of components used and several operational functions can be combined in one.
  • The construction is marine robust and very reliable. Only stainless-steel materials and well proven components are used. And less components means less risky connections.
  • The expansion tank with liquid and air in the same space makes it possible to monitor both the amount of liquid and air in the system. As there are no rubber bags or bladders in use, the construction last practically forever.
  • The expansion tank and Adwatec’s de-aerating concept result in a very fast commissioning time. The difference to traditional system designs may be significant: commissioning in two hours instead of twenty!

feature table


In marine cooling applications the reliability is something that shall never be compromised. Adwatec has delivered several hundred cooling units for vessels sailing waters from arctic cold to tropical heat. The experience from this is transferred to this new solution!

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