Adwatec B-range Battery Cooling Station

Adwatec is famous for heavy duty water cooling systems. Now the heat management is reaching new heights with fresh B-range!

b-series cooling station

B-range is a subframe assembled water cooling system with chiller

  • The B-range offering consists of standardized compressor and pump modules and buffer tank.
    • These are all built inside the same frame and PLC controls all activities
    • This all results in a compact size – as usual for Adwatec!
  • The energy consumption is minimized
    • The purpose of the buffer tank is to optimize the compressor use and increase it’s lifetime
    • A free-cooling option takes care of the cooling when chiller is not needed
  • B-range is suitable for water and air cooled batteries and for all applications where cold raw water is not readily available
  • Chiller power range 10, 20, 30 and 60 kW. Chiller modules can be combined for higher power needs!

Available: NOW & delivery time 4…6 months from placing the order!


For more information please contact

Rami Vina, Sales Manager
+358 50 568 5073

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