The best things come in small packages

Our M-range is compact and the design is cool. The M-range goes all the way up to max. flow rate 270 l/min and 120 kW cooling power (ΔT= 5C°) in unbelievable small size:

  • 300mm x 570mm x 1166mm (one pump version)
  • 310mm x 715mm x 1166mm (two pump version)

M-series cooling station

M-range is a subframe assembled solution for closed loop water cooling system

The station is designed to be easily integrated with the cooling circuit and can be used as an open frame cooling station or it can be mounted into the electrical cabinet at the customer’s premises.

Available as single or redundant pump version.

The design is rugged and made for heavy duty use. It has been tested and proven in marine applications. When there is no room for failure.


All essential is included in the package

Hardware, instrumentation, temperature control, communications, heat exchanger, expansion tank

Available: NOW & delivery time 4…6 weeks from placing the order!


For more information please contact

Ismo Lehtonen, Marketing and Sales Director
+358 (40) 669 2220

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