Adwatec has reached the 1000th cooling unit milestone! The device no 1000 was a water cooling unit model CCE204R. It will be placed in an advanced state-of the-art fishing stern trawler which operates in Far Eastern Russian Economic Fishing Zones and Western Bering Sea. Our equipment, in it’s own part, ensures vessel’s minimal environmental footprint and high performance in rough sea conditions.

Flexible solution for hars environemt

Cooling device CCE204R
The modular construction of cooling station makes each component easy to see and reach. This enables the shortest possible visual inspection and service time.

Adwatec’s C-series is a highly flexible water cooling solution designed for demanding marine, OEM and industrial cooling applications. The series gives a new way to optimize your system with selectable heat exchangers, in-coming and out-going pipelines and control options.

The construction is marine robust and very reliable. Modules are very small thanks to manifolds used instead of complex pipe arrangements. This reduces the number of components used, several operational functions can also be combined to one. Less components also means less risky connections.

High quality components and the right materials chosen to avoid galvanic corrosion make Adwatec cooling stations reliable in use.



Ismo Lehtonen
Sales and Marketing Director


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