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We design, manufacture and supply wide range of standard and customized water cooling stations for power electronics. The cooling systems are designed to offer the customer reliable continuous cooling at wide range of ambient temperatures.

We also produce moveable leak detectors which enable fast testing of water cooling systems used in power electronics.

Water Cooling Stations

Adwatec cooling station models offer variety of solutions for closed loop cooling circuit applications of power electronics and they are customized according to customer’s application. Our cooling station models cover large capacity area for low and high voltage applications at wide range of ambient temperatures.


Cooling System Selection Guide


Classification & quality

Cooling system can be equipped with required duplications, a heat exchanger, data communication and other specialties according to customer’s application. Depending on the voltage area and the ambient temperature, the coolant can be tap water, de-ionized water or water-glycol mixture. Due to automatic de-aeration and visual coolant level indication, the stations are fast to commission and easy to service.


  1. Reliable solution based on long experience
  2. Fast and easy commissioning, operation and service
  3. Design according to high technical and material requirements

Leak Detectors

Adwatec Leak Detectors are easy and fast way to measure the pressure and ensure tightness and right flow in a tested object, e.g. cooling circuit.

Leak Detector KPK010

  • Cooling systems of power electronics

Leak Detector KPK020

  • Cooling circuits of power electric components

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