Welcome to the team Berger Maritiem!

It is our great pleasure to announce that Berger Maritiem is Adwatec´s new representative in the Benelux!

Berger Maritiem with Mr. Kees Berger and Mr. Jeroen Berger have a long and strong track record in the marine business and Adwatec´s products fit well to Berger Maritiem´s portfolio which aims for sustainability, lower environmental impact, and competitiveness.

A local representation brings Adwatec closer to one of the biggest marine markets in the world and enables a first-class customer service for its customers!

For water cooling related questions, requests and offers in the Benelux, please contact Berger Maritiem from now on.

About Adwatec

Adwatec is a water-cooling technology company serving customers in Marine, Electrical Grid, Heavy Industry, as well as other industries globally. With almost two decades of experience in advanced water-cooling technology for power electronics and a strong focus on R&D, we provide our customers proven, state-of-the-art water-cooling solutions today and in the future.

Adwatec Ltd is part of Helkama Emotor Group that employs 400 professionals worldwide. The company is headquartered in Finland.

About Berger Maritiem

Berger Maritiem is a trading and consulting company who would like to provide ship owners and shipping companies with practical and realistic advice by improving the sustainability of their ship or fleet. Whereby Berger Maritiem strives to come up with sustainable solutions that not only lower their environmental footprint but the ones that also lower their operational cost and finally contribute to a better competitive edge.

Since its foundation in 2012, this family owned business has carefully put together a comprehensive package of sustainable solutions in the field of performance optimization (energy efficiency), emission reduction (CO2, NOx, PM and SOx) and electric, hybrid and diesel driven propulsion.

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