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Leak Detectors

Leak Detectors are an easy and fast way to measure the pressure, ensure the tightness and the right flow in a tested object.

Leak Detectors are specifically designed for finding leakage in a tested object. There are two models available: KPK010 for cooling systems of power electronics and KPK020 for cooling circuits of power electric components.

Key features

  1. Precise leak detection
  2. Fast and easy testing
  3. Unit is easy to move
  4. Testing parameters are adjustable
  5. User-friendly program interface
  6. Individual test procedures

Leak Detection

Leak Detectors rinse, pre-form and pressure test the piping of the tested object. They automatically detect leakage and flow restriction and finally empty and dry the object. User can create individual procedure of testing steps for each object and save procedure for further use. Leak Detectors are operated by panel PC or laptop and optionally ethernet connection to upper control system is available.

Leak Detectors
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