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Interest in Adwatec grows



Being in progressive internationalisation process Adwatec Ltd. delivers liquid cooling systems for power electronics to the objects handling electricity in big amounts.
Company’s target industries are distribution substations for power electronics, big wind turbines and solar plants. charging stations for autobuses and other rolling stocks but also all industries using power electronics in big amounts, for example Marine.
Adwatec’s business is in a strong growth. Use of liquid cooling systems for power electronics is increasing and Adwatec Ltd. will be among the first ones to sign a partnership deals. Adwatec has been in business for ten years and its’ devices are used all over the world in most demanding objects. Buyer’s, cooperation partners are widely satisfied with Adwatec water cooling systems. Among Company’s satisfied cleantech clients are such big operators as ABB, Grid Solution (GE), Wärtsilä, WETech, Outotec ja Vacon.
”This year our revenue will increase approximately 150 % from the last year. During the following upcoming years we are aiming at 50 % growth but there is a possibility for even bigger growth”, says Managing Director Arto Verronen.
Company is putting a lot of efforts to aggressive marketing in Europe and USA. ” We are strengthening our organization as well as our Sales and Marketing department”, tells Sales Director Ismo Lehtonen.

To find out more, please, do not hesitate to contact us!
Managing Director Arto Verronen mob. +358407776038,
Sales Director Ismo Lehtonen – mob. +358 40 669 2220,

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