Adwatec in Electric and Hybrid Marine World Virtual ‘LIVE’ Conference 13 – 15 sept 2021


Adwatec is participating Electric and Hybrid Marine World Virtual ‘LIVE’ Conference 2021! The conference takes place on September 13, 14,



Would you like to work in a company whose business is supported by global megatrends such as electrification, clean-tech and

Pressure drop calculation in water cooling systems


With the deeper understanding of the pressure drops and flow channels the cooling systems can be optimized and unnecessary costs

Welcome to the team, TechMarin Solutions AS!


It is our great pleasure to announce that TechMarin Solutions AS is Adwatec´s new representative in Norway! TechMarin Solutions AS

Adwatec EAC Declaration Certificate for Eurasian territory


We are pleased to inform that Adwatec has the EAC Declaration for Eurasian territory – e.g., Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kirgizia,

Adwatec celebrates the device no. 1000!


Adwatec has reached the 1000th cooling unit milestone! The device no 1000 was a water cooling unit model CCE204R. It

New improved water cooling configurator launched


Designing your water cooling solution just got easier! Adwatec water cooling solution configurator has been improved based on your feedback.

Pure water/de-ionized water cooling systems for drives, rectifiers and converters!


Traditionally de-ionized water cooling systems have been used in power grids SVC/STATCOM/HVDC cooling applications. Typically, these systems are large and

Leakage control in water cooling systems


Leakages are a common problem in all hydraulics systems where pressurized medium is circulated through pipelines and pipe components with

Electric and Hybrid Magazine article: Reliable cooling


Cooling solution article published in Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International Magazine in April 2021. Click the image for magazine

New product release: CCE204R_ with up to 580 l/min coolant flow now available


Adwatec cooling unit range has been updated with a new model: CCE204R. With this a hole in the offering between

Material selections for a reliable liquid cooling system


In power electronics, a liquid cooling system is always an essential slave system for some major functions like AC propulsion

Expansion vessel in a cooling system


This article will highlight some crucial characteristics of expansion vessel designs that are used in liquid cooling systems. The following

New compact cooling concept for smaller vessels


Workboats, yachts and riverboats are getting increasingly electrified with variable frequency drives and battery systems. Unlike cruise ships and big

AC vs EC fans in outdoor coolers              


Outdoor coolers are used when technical cooling water is not available and water to water heat exchanger cannot be used.

Cooling system optimization with simulation model


Adwatec has created a simulation model for cooling system development and optimization in cooperation with Lappeenranta University of Technology. Simulation

New datasheet for Adwatec B-series chiller cooling stations


A new Adwatec B-series cooling stations datasheet has been published. The datasheet includes product benefits, product range, technical details and

Benefits of water cooling


Power electronics generate heat. This heat is not good for the electrical components in power electronics system and therefore it

Container cooling solution for shore connection, shore supply, charging solutions and ESS energy storage


Adwatec container cooling solution is a turnkey water-cooling solution for newbuild and retrofit projects. Cooling power according to customers’ needs!

Adwatec in SMM DIGITAL 2 – 5 feb 2021


The exhibition season 2021 has started! We from Adwatec Oy are presenting our latest innovations in Open Stream’s Speakers’ Corner!

Brazed vs gasketed heat exchangers


Power electronic cooling applications require heat exchangers to transfer the heat from the cooling circuit to air or another media.

Electric & Hybrid magazine article: Water cooling for ESS


Water cooling for ESS article published in Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International Magazine in April 2019.   Tough conditions

Electric & Hybrid magazine article: Cooling stations


Cooling stations article published in Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International Magazine in April 2018.   Water cooling is essential

Electric & Hybrid magazine article: Effective cooling


Temperature control article published in Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International Magazine in April 2016. Compact water-cooling stations save space

Season’s greetings


Dear friends, 2020 has been an interesting journey indeed. We wish in 2021 things will cool down and we can

New compact product launched


Super yachts and work boats don’t have a lot in common. However, both vessel types could survive with less space